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Student response technology is straight forward and simple, enabling an instructor to digitalise student data both in the teaching moment and aggregated over time. The core functionality allows instructors to pose a question to students and students respond with ResponseCard keypads or web-enabled mobile devices.

Gauge Student Progress In Real-Time

  • “I think it has huge potential and it fits brilliantly with the government’s drive for lessons that are appropriately tailored.”

    Jane McNally, Year 5 Teacher, St Ambrose’s Catholic Primary School

  • “TurningPoint impressed us the most, meeting all of our key criteria and was therefore selected as our electronic voting system of choice.”

    Paul Burt, Learning Technologist, University of Surrey

  • “Using ResponseWare not only stimulated higher-order reasoning but also got everyone involved, from the shy to the vocal.”

    Steve Beard, Lead ICT Practitioner, William Brookes School

  • “It’s important that whenever a member of the teaching staff walks into a room they’re instantly familiar and comfortable with all the technology.”

    Joe Evans, Technical Services Manager, Northumbria University

Data DrivenInstruction

Educators can correlate and store response data instantaneously as well as create customised reports ranging from attendance, item analysis, whole group evaluation and individualised student performance.

Education is a process of teaching, learning and outcomes related to a particular subject matter. The utilisation of technology within this process can significantly impact both teaching methods and learning outcomes. Response technology offers a unique ability to efficiently collect predictive student data while simultaneously implementing quality teaching strategies proven to positively influence learning.

EnhanceTeaching Methods And SignIncreaseLearning Outcomes

University of Manchester

Using TurningPoint and ResponseWare.

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University of Manchester

King's College London

Assisting in the fight against allergy.

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Kings College London

Northumbria University

Driving technology in learning.

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Northumbria University

University of Surrey

Redefining the roles of students in lectures.

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University of Surrey

Queen's University Belfast

Inspiring different types of interactivity.

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