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Interactive response technology allows presenters to create powerful, memorable presentations and engage participants in two-way conversations during meetings and events. Participant feedback can be collected anonymously or tracked to provide insight on what participants truly think and feel.

Capture Audience Attention

  • “TurningPoint is instant, thought provoking, and forces everyone to participate, all factors which change the usefulness and shape of the results.”

    Dave Thompson, Inspector for ICT, Worchestershire LEA

  • “The TurningPoint handsets allowed the audience to interact with key journalists and politicians.”

    Zandria Pauncefort, Chief Executive, Institute for Citizenship

  • “TurningPoint means that everyone can have their say without the fear of being embarrassed about speaking in public.”

    Janette Gedge, Consultation Manager, Haringey Council

  • “The entire process worked really well with many headteachers commenting to me how much they enjoyed the activity. They felt they had properly engaged in the issues raised for the first time!”

    Heather Tomlinson, Director of Education & Children’s Services (Designate), Bristol LEA

Analyze Post-Results

Organisations can save time and money by replacing paper surveys and evaluations that require manual collection and analysis. Interactive response systems can be used to vote, poll and survey an audience in real-time. Collected data and demographics are stored for generating detailed, exportable reports for post-event analysis.

Turning Technologies offers free online trainings, interactive slide development or onsite support from dedicated event specialists that will ensure an effective, smooth and well rehearsed interactive event. Specialists are available to assist from event start to finish.

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The Queen Latifah Show button

The Queen Latifah Show

Five Tips that Can Build Real Wealth

The audience answers questions to a financial quiz about money management. Advice is offered on good money-saving habits to employ.

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Katie Show button

Katie Show

Dating Deal Breakers

Using ResponseCard RF LCD keypads the audience gives their opinion when various online dating scenarios are presented.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live Video button

Jimmy Kimmel Live Video

Will They Catch it?

Pedestrians play catch with Cousin Sal and ResponseCards are used to gather audience predictions as to whether or not the player will catch the ball.

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GDP Partnership button

GDP Partnership

Belfast Event Uses Comparison Slides

The audience answers the same question before and after speaker presentations. Watch as results compare and display in real-time.

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